Airborne Manuka Honey 80+Manuka Pollen, 500g

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Origin: New Zealand

Airborne Manuka Honey has a robust rich flavor with overtones of caramel and malt. Contains more than 80% manuka pollen. All honey labeled as manuka must be tested by an MPI-recognized laboratory to make sure it meets the new manuka honey definition.

Pollen analysis of manuka honey is a reliable determinant of its floral origin in most cases. Manuka is classified as an over-represented pollen type requiring over 70% manuka pollen to classify as a monofloral honey. There are instances however where some other honey sources can provide a significant proportion of the nectar without contributing to the pollen spectrum so a level of 70% manuka pollen or more can overstate the contribution of manuka nectar. 

Manuka tree is found throughout New Zealand and often forms extensive areas of bush. The leaves are dotted with oil glands, and when bruised give off a gingery peppery smell. The flowers vary from brilliant white through to rose-pink.

The Maori people used Manuka as a medicinal plant, from treating fevers and colds to sedatives. Early European settlers called it the "tea tree." Manuka honey contains a number of natural compounds with strong antibacterial properties. This is strong flavored honey, but with a fresh, clean bite.

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