HANTZ Multifloral MANUKA, 500g

Size: 500g
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Origin: New Zealand

Major riparian planting has taken place over many years on HANTZ home block, around spring-fed Hart's Creek, New Zealand. They have chosen not to intensively farm their land as it borders Lake Ellesmere which provides an expansive playground for native flora and fauna.

Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) is a unique evergreen tree, indigenous to New Zealand. Bees love the intensely scented white flowers which bloom in summer. Manuka honey is a lovely dark color with a stronger, more intense flavour and a unique aroma.

To be called Manuka honey it has to pass The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) Manuka Honey Standards. Manuka honey is divided into two types; Multifloral Manuka, which contains nectar collected from a variety of different flowers including the Manuka flower, and Monofloral Manuka, which contains nectar predominately from the Manuka flower.

HANTS Honey is 100% pure, natural New Zealand-made honey.

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