Have you heard of manuka honey? Superfood

Have you heard of manuka honey? Probably not.


Meet the new superfood, which soon everyone will talk about. What are its health and beauty benefits, how and where to buy or order it? Read it right now!

About the benefits of ordinary honey you have long known. But what is manuka honey and what is its value you most likely do not know. Due to its unique healing properties, this type of honey is considered a new superfood.

Homeland of honey Manuka - New Zealand. It is produced only by New Zealand bees, who work in the fields, where the tree of the same name grows with a lush blooming crown of pink or white. Pure manuka is used both in nutrition and in medicine: for example, it serves as a natural wound healing ointment. It is used to treat viral infections of the throat and nose, as well as for the treatment of acne.

Honey manuka apiary

The medicinal properties of manuka honey were discovered by Europeans in the 19th century: it was found that honey created by manuka flower bees is more concentrated and rich than its classic floral species. And all because the manuka honey contains more methylglyoxal, a powerful antibacterial agent that suppresses the proliferation of bacteria in the cells of the body.

Manuka Honey: what is the use for the body?

When we say that honey is superfood, of course, we mean fresh and minimally processed, so called raw honey. Manuka is not raw honey, but it has even stronger antibacterial properties. It inhibits the vital activity of bacteria in the body, works as a fast and effective detox-means: when it enters the blood, its antioxidants and acids instantly sweep out viruses and infections from it, counteracting their further reproduction and the production of toxins.

Manuka honey what is it

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Manuka honey is used to treat all inflammatory diseases of the throat, as well as to treat dermatological diseases. For example, acne, purulent rashes, wounds and other inflammations on the skin. For this, by the way, it is called superfood for clear skin.

Other useful properties of manuka honey include:

Healing cuts and scratches
Cleansing the body of infections and viruses
Pain relief in the abdomen
Enhance natural immunity
Improved digestion and normalization of metabolism
Energy saturation
In support of these facts, a number of conclusions can be drawn from Australian, New Zealand, American and other groups of scientists who have studied the healing properties of manuka.
Manuka concentrated honey can infect dozens of types of harmful bacteria, including streptococcus and staphylococcus. Also, honey is also effective in the fight against clostridium differential - a bacterium that causes severe infectious diseases of the rectum.

Honey Hanukkah New Zealand

Manuka Honey is the most powerful natural antibiotic that even fights protracted infectious processes that are not amenable to antibiotic treatment. This is possible due to the high concentration of the very same methylglyoxal (MGO) - a substance found in the nectar of the manuka plant from which bees produce honey.


The more MGO in a product, the stronger its antibacterial and antiviral properties. In this regard, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) signed a permit for the sale of manuka honey-infused dressings for quick wound healing.