Why is UMF Manuka Honey so special?


It is unique honey.

It is widely recognized and highly sought after by consumers and has a substantial body of research behind it.

Manuka honey is acknowledged as being the ‘standard’ against which other kinds of honey are compared.


UMF™5+ UMF™10+ UMF™12+ UMF™15+ UMF™20+
MGO 83mg/kg MGO 263mg/kg MGO 356mg/kg MGO 514mg/kg MGO829mg/kg
Strength: minimum Strength: good Strength: strong Strength: very strong Strength: super strong



Cammell's Mānuka Honey is produced by a sustainable, eco-friendly, 100% family owned beekeeping operation in New Zealand. Cammell's Honey (New Zealand) has been supplying quality bee products from New Zealand to New Zealander's and the world since 1974. 
The company runs approximately 350 hives in the greater Auckland region and is licensed and certified under the UMF™ grading system as well as tested and rated for its MGO (methylglyoxal) content. 

  • Guaranteed Purity & Quality:
  • UMF™-certified and MGO-graded
  • Sourced from a sustainable, 100% family-owned beekeeping operation 
  • Bottled in 100% recyclable, food grade BPA-free PET jars
  • Grade No. 1 Amber Creamed
  • UMF™ License No. 1033
  • Sustainable + Unpasteurized

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About UMF™

Cammell's Mānuka Honey is licensed by the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association™ in New Zealand, which is an internationally recognized, third-party verification system that ensures the identity, potency, and quality of mānuka honey. UMF™ graded products have been tested for three signature compounds that are all needed to ensure the honey is real mānuka honey made from Leptospermum scoparium flowers: Leptosperin, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and Methylglyoxal (MGO). The higher the UMF™ grading number on the product, the higher the concentration of signature compounds found in mānuka honey.

UMF™ is a quality trademark. The UMF™ grading system appraises natural markers found in Mānuka honey and assures purity and quality.

Please see www.umf.org.nz

The higher the concentration of MGO, the stronger the antibiotic effect.

The UMF rating reflects the concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO). 


Top 10 Manuka Honey Benefits

Manuka honey benefits have been touted in the natural health world for a long time and even more in recent years because a growing body of research is starting to support thousands of years of folk medicine use. Some of the top Manuka honey uses are and benefits include:

  • Helps with SIBO, Low Stomach Acid, Acid Reflux
  • May Help Treat Acne and Eczema
  • Combats Staph Infections (MRSA)
  • Treats Burns, Wounds, and Ulcers
  • Prevents Tooth Decay and Gingivitis
  • Aids IBS and IBD Treatment
  • Improves Sore Throats and Immunity
  • Helps Allergies
  • Beauty Treatment and Health Booster
  • Improves Sleep