Airborne RewaRewa Honey

Size: 500g
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Product information

Origin: New Zealand

Product type: liquid honey

RewaRewa or NZ honeysuckle: (Knightia Excelsa) Tree reaching 30 meters is of a tall and tapering form. The trunk is up to 1 meter across.

This honey is full-bodied, yet not overly strong and has a beautiful burnished amber hue and delightful smooth malty flavor. A hint of rustic woodsheds pervades the complex aroma.

Because the distinctive clustered red flowers of this New Zealand Honey Suckle may not bloom well each year, Rewarewa is a premium variety.

In times past the Rewarewa nectar was used to cure sore throats. Rewarewa is a great natural sweetener for hot drinks. Research from Lincoln University has shown that Rewarewa Honey is also high in antioxidants as well as other minerals and trace elements. Both of which are great reasons to enjoy the taste of Rewarewa Honey.

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