AORITIKO Cretan Wild Thyme Honey 500g, Greece

Size: 500g
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Origin: Greece's Island Crete

100% Authentic Cretan Wild Thyme Honey from Fragkiadaki family.

AORITIKO Cretan wild thyme honey is absolutely delicious!

The Greek, gold-colored thyme honey from the Crete mountains, belongs to the "nectar honey" and is produced in a natural way. Wild Thyme honey has a strong, slightly spicy taste, peculiar aroma, and very balanced sweetness.

Because of its high quality (it was already widespread in antiquity) this special Product applies as a rare and naturally valuable delicacy. It is not only very well known among honey connoisseurs today but is also becoming increasingly popular among all honey lovers, after all. 

It contains important carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

Without additives and preservatives. Store dark, cool, and dry.

Served as a spread on bread and pancakes with cinnamon and sesame, in tea, juices, and smoothies, as a topping on yogurt and fruits, in marinades for pork meat, and in salad dressings. For a special, healthy touch, you can use it in everyday cooking to almost any recipe. In Greek islands, it is served as a topping on Greek cheeses such as manouri.

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