Airborne Kamahi Honey

Size: 500g
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Product information 

Origin: New Zealand

Kamahi honey has traditionally been one of New Zealand's most underrated honey. While it is produced in both the North and South Islands, most Kamahi honey is produced on the West Coast of the South Island. Here Kamahi trees (Weinmannia racemosa) form a significant part of the forest canopy, growing to around 25 meters at maturity. As Kamahi grows throughout New Zealand other competing nectar sources (and their contribution to nectar composition) vary from location to location. 

While quite a strong flavored honey, Kamahi is in fact honey with very complex flavors and after tones that send honey gourmets into paroxysms of delight. Cooking and baking recipes, where it is desirable to have an identifiable honey flavor, benefit immensely from these flavor sensations.

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