Manuka Honey Lozenges — Ginger & Lemon

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Origin: Australia

The newest addition to the Biosota family — our Manuka honey lozenges combine the goodness of MGO 950+ Australian Manuka honey with subtle notes of ginger and lemon. Each bag contains 30 lozenges, individually wrapped for soothing natural relief from sore throat and nausea. These are the highest MGO lozenges available, so you know you're in for a treat!

Manuka Honey Lozenges can be used daily for a dry mouth and throat, a nagging cough, or just for when you’re feeling under the weather. Our pleasant ginger & lemon flavor with premium Manuka honey, ginger oil and lemon oil is perfect to nourish irritated tissue of the mouth and airways.

They make a perfect gift and are great to keep in your purse or hand out at the office. Each lozenge contains the natural goodness of MGO 950 Manuka honey to soothe the throat and nose. 

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