Asphodel Honey 500g, Sardinia, Italy

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 Origin: Sardinia, Italy


Sardinia is the area where you can most easily find the Asphodel plant, which is the first to bloom in late winter and is an invaluable resource for bees to restart after the cold of winter. The honey produced by this wild plant is recognizable because it possesses a much lighter color than other honeys, almost crystal clear.

Straw yellow from liquid; light beige from crystallized.

The term asphodel derives from the Greek and literally means "valley of what is not reduced to ashes". In fact, the asphodel, although it grows in areas particularly subject to fires, does not go up in flames. For the ancient Greeks and Romans it was a sacred plant and symbolized the resurrection of the dead and was used to decorate tombs.

As for the flavor, it is very delicate and refined, but at the same time sweet and intense, with a vanilla aftertaste with a sour tone. The aroma is reminiscent of the citrus tones of almond blossoms.

Ideal for breakfast, in herbal teas and coffee, excellent in combination with both fresh and aged cheeses, recommended for fish marinades.

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