Cherry Blossom Honey 500g, Italy

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 Origin: Piedmont, Italy  

Amber from liquid, from light beige to dark beige from crystallized. Fine crystallization.

Cherry honey combines a delicate and pleasant taste with quite marked characteristics that make it generally highly appreciated.
The taste is very delicate and reminiscent of almonds, the color ranges from white to greyish. The crystallization is fine, in a soft mass and pleasant on the palate.

Cherry honey is one of the first honeys of the year produced in Northern Italy, when the flowering trees of wild cherry are white spots in the woods that have just come out of winter hibernation. Unfortunately, the early flowering period does not allow for abundant harvests.

Cherry Blossom Honey's floral aroma and fruity taste make it a versatile choice, making everything from plain toast to creamy ricotta stand out. It is vibrant and tantalizing when drizzled over cereal, fresh ricotta, hot cornbread or your morning toast. A spoonful in a cup of tea sweetens and adds a delicate floral aroma!

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