Honey Alemany Gift Pack 50g x 4 units, Spain

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Origin: Spain

4 x 50gr - Pack of delicate Honey of Rosemary, Orange, Eucalyptus, and Chestnut. 


Rosemary honey is light yellow in color with a pronounced flavor, very pale, almost white, with a faint plant-like scent. Rich and fragrant, it melts beautifully on the tongue, turning creamy and then disappearing in seconds. Herbaceous notes cut the sweetness, revealing layers of true honey and honeycomb flavor far beyond just "sweet".


When you open a jar of Orange Blossom Honey you can smell the delicate scent of orange blossoms.
Your first taste of our all-natural golden honey will fill your senses with the aroma and the sweetness of orange blossoms.


Eucalyptus Honey is creamed and mildly sweet honey that has an herbal flavor with what some describe as a fruity aftertaste. Occasionally, but not always, if you are especially perceptive, you can taste the slightest bit of menthol flavor as an after note. Our Eucalyptus Honey has a surprisingly smooth flavor and deep scent.


The nectar of chestnut blossoms, is smooth, dark, and rich, with the woodsy undertone of chestnut and a bittersweet tinge, the smell is strong and pungent. It is true connoisseur's honey, its robust flavor marries well with cheeses and wine.

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