Oak Honey, Spain

Size: 500g
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Product information

Origin: Spain 

Honey known as oak honey is honey produced by bees in mountain areas, where oak trees can be found. This is a very aromatic, intense, and like malt. This honey with essence from natural resins. Oak honey has a thick texture and has the color dark amber.

Honey made from the flowers of wild oak trees is a true rarity, and one taste of this dark honey will let us know why it rarely makes it to our shores. It is mild honey and complex in flavor. Smooth in texture, this delicious honey has caramel and molasses notes as well as an aromatic finish without a hint of bitterness. It possesses an agreeable amount of acidity that keeps the sweetness in check and makes for a great finish.

Health BenefitsOak honey is characterized as honey of very high nutritional value. Rich in antioxidants and minerals, it contains large quantities of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and sodium. The enzymes it contains support metabolism and vital organ function. Beneficial for the digestive system.

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