Rhododendron Honey 500g, Italy

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 Origin: Italy

Rhododendron is one of the most sought after and valuable honeys because it is produced only in some Alps valleys between 1000 and 2500 meters.

Of all the Italian honeys, it is therefore the one that is produced at the highest altitude. At this altitude the risks are different (the temperatures at night drop to a few degrees above zero and in general the weather is very variable so that it often happens to find snow), this makes the work of the bees and the harvest particularly difficult.

The honey, however, is of such delicacy and quality as to repay the beekeeper for all his efforts.

The color is clear, the crystallization fine and creamy, with pleasant crystals on the palate. In the mouth the sensations are all pleasant and the sweet taste very strong. The delicacy of the aroma is enhanced by a fresh and floral note.

Exceptional combined with mountain cheeses, ideal for sweetening herbal teas and sweet drinks, for flans and fruit desserts.

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