Thistle Honey 500g, Italy

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 Origin: Sicily, Italy

The thistle is a typically "island" honey as the only unifloral productions of thistle honey can be obtained in Sardinia, Sicily and on the island of Elba.

From the flowers of the thistle, which blooms in early summer, a highly sought-after honey is obtained, with a marked and persistent scent and aroma. 

From light amber to dark amber when liquid; from light beige to dark beige when crystallized. Thistle honey spontaneously crystallizes a few months after harvest.

Fragrance: medium intensity, floral with hints of yellow daisies and chrysanthemums.

Taste: floral and fruity with hints of caramel, slightly hot and spicy.

Excellent as table honey and in combination with seasoned and spicy cheeses or in sour yogurt.

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